Our green approach - doing the best thing for the environment

Neild & Co is already making a strong stand for the environment by supplying reusable, recyclable packaging options to its customers.

Now a member of the visionary organisation, the Australian Packaging Covenant, Neild & Co is taking its place among some of Australia’s largest brands to make a real difference to the environment

Read our full Sustainability Statement here.

Australian Packaging Covenant Org.

Of the estimated 3.4 millions tonnes of packaging that ends up in Australia’s landfill each year, just under half is currently recycled. Yet the Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation has set a target of NO packaging being sent to landfill by 2025. The number of signatories to this target stands at about 1000 and growing.

Innovative and Customer Focused

Neild & Co provides the market with  innovative recyclable options  using the latest in technology and environmentally sustainable production .


Our comprehensive industry packaging range offers product options for customers serving all kinds of markets:

  • PET Range of containers
  • PP range of containers
  • CPET Ovenable Trays
  • Paper Bag Range
  • Reusable/Recyclable Plastic Carry Bags – compostable bio bags
  • Foil range – containers and rolls of foil – recyclable
  • Paper/board range of food/takeaway containers
  • All our films are BPA free.

Progressive Packaging Options

The problem of waste is much bigger than any one company or group can solve. APCO runs on a co-regulatory basis, which “recognises that all sectors and governments have a role to play, working together to find the best possible solutions for packaging efficiency and sustainability in Australia.”

In the same way, Neild & Co’s commitment to better environmental outcomes resonates with our customers and with their customers as awareness of the problem grows.

New Recyclable Range

Neild & Co with the iKONpack Group  is consistently  sourcing more and more recyclable and reusable offerings, to keep meeting consumer demand which is growing rapidly.

“Once, a family would buy a ready-made lasagne from the supermarket fridge thinking only of the food’s convenience,”. “Now, they choose the product in the shop that has the most environmentally-friendly packaging.


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