HACCP + Neild & Co

Fully Accredited

Food safety and hazard elimination certified – 100% HACCP guaranteed.

Neild & Co. applies HACCP standards across all parts of our business, from  production, to preparation, packaging and distribution.

Delivering the highest food safety standards

The HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) preventative system of food safety covers each activity of the food services industry.

It applies to production, preparation, packaging and distribution and Neild & Co. is committed to implementing HACCP standards across all areas of its operations.

HACCP is all about understanding hazard risk, identifying the critical points of risk and systematically controlling these points.

Your customers deserve rigorous food safety standards and Neild & Co. is proud to help you to deliver them.

Neild & Co. provides you with 100% confidence in our HACCP compliance – right to your door thanks to our own specialist delivery network.

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