Neild & Co. are focussed on providing exceptional customer service with world-class ingredients and packaging. Due to recent events,  Australia has undoubtedly been heavily impacted. Unprecedented demand has made it difficult for all levels of food retail. Firstly, we would like to thank you for your patience during this challenging period.

To ensure Neild & Co. is able to best serve the market now and into the future, additional necessary policies have been put in place. 


Butcher Supply Leaders

Innovative and progressive, we are an Australian-owned family business, 100% HACCP Accredited & determined to consistently meet the high standards required by various industries. 

Working across the Retail Meat industry, Seafood, Poultry, Fruit and Vegetable Processors and Food Service Packaging sectors.

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The widest product range, supplying major brands

Bringing you the most comprehensive food services range in Australia.

Discover the breadth of solutions we offer across an extensive selection.


Retail Meat Industry

Our vision is to help drive the success of every butcher by offering excellent technical service and constantly diversifying our product range.


Strongly committed to our Environmental Targets

Meeting Australia’s highest standards of recycling and quality.

Neild & Co. offers you environmentally responsible alternatives in packaging, fresh products and ingredients.


HACCP 100% food safety and traceability guaranteed

Food safety and hazard elimination certified.

Neild & Co. applies HACCP standards across all parts of our business: production, preparation, packaging and distribution.


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