Aussie Butcher’s Essential Christmas List

5 Festive gifts to prepare Australian butcheries for the season

The year is coming to a close. You’ve spent the last 11 months wrapping up quality meat for your customers. It’s now the time when they want a little something extra… A special stuffing for their turkey. A secret gravy recipe for their spread. A glorious Christmas Ham to rival all others!

Chances are you’ve probably got enough on your plate already, without having to worry about what complements your butchery and where to buy it before the holidays hit. That’s where we come in. Neild & Co. has served Australian butchers for 25 years and as a result – we have everything you need stocked up and ready. From glazes and cures, to marinades and moisture makers; you name it we have it ready to send directly to you.

Make your December trade themed for the season: browse these wholesale products we’ve handpicked to complement your shop… 

Fig & Pistachio Stuffing  (Flavour Makers)

The proof of a good bird is in the stuffing, surely? One of the favourite fruit flavours of the moment is fig, and it happens to taste even better when complemented with everyone’s preferred green nut, pistachio. We offer sizeable bags of Fig & Pistachio stuffing mix to adapt to your business. Created by the award-winning experts at Flavour Makers, this is just one of many tasty choices you have this season when offering special gourmet stuffing alongside your festive meat offering.

Plum Pudding (First Settlers)

That’s right, the proof is actually in the pudding! What is a Christmas without a canvas-bagged fruit pudding? A sad one. The fruit-studded pudding soaked in brandy is what pushes our stomachs over the edge on the 25th, forcing us to give in to the loosening of the belt buckle.

But, we still love a hearty pud, and we’ve found no better than the First Settlers range. Exclusively available at a wholesale price to butchers buying through us, this pudding brand is available in a modest 1kg size or family-sized 1.4kg option, making it easy to add to your current Christmas offering.

Turkey Gravy  (Flavour Makers)

This turkey-based gravy tastes like grandma made it (assuming grandma is a good cook). It’s also exclusive to our range, and possesses a secret ingredient… That ingredient is what enhances the meat, poultry or game it is poured over. We recommend this particular turkey gravy as it is made from genuine turkey stock – bones and all. Turkey bones are oven-roasted to intensify their flavour, before being simmered down for a minimum of 8 hours. The rest of the recipe? Our lips are sealed. You’ll have to taste it and see!

Calico Ham Bag

All dedicated meat-lovers know that wrapping up presents is secondary to how you wrap up the Christmas ham! We serve these dedicated customers with a great range of packaging, marinating, glazing and flavouring options. Our hero product for ham this season is calico material ham bags (400mmx600mm), printed with clear instructions to make the entire preparation process a smooth one. If you need anything else to ensure your Crimbo ham goes to plan (shank caps, foil trays, shrink bags, liquid smoke flavour, BBQ plum glaze) – just let us know.

FREE Spit Roaster

u’ve got some brilliant ideas for your customers, but what about a gift to display in your shop? We are giving you a chance to win the Flaming Coals Dual Fuel Spit Roaster 1000. With its 30kg capacity, you can create robust, traditional flavours in chicken, rolled roasts or even gyros. For every $1,000 you spend in a single transaction with Neild & Co between 1st October & 13th December – you’re in the draw! Check out the complete details plus our essential shopping list here.

Need something for your shop we haven’t got? We’d love to hear it. Our range is constantly growing to be the most comprehensive selection of butcher products available in New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory.