20KG of Premium Sausages? Easy!

Neild customers have long been fans of our range of Easy Pack sausage premixes, offering top quality and premium taste with convenience and cost-efficiency.

However with more than 1,800 retail butcheries throughout NSW (according to the NSW Food Authority), there are many who are yet to experience the Easy Pack revolution.

Made from quality authentic seasonings and base ingredients, they are the easiest, most convenient way to produce exceptional European-style sausages.

According to research, the average Aussie eats 44 sausages per year – that’s over one billion sausages!

So the best sausage you can produce, with the best return on investment, is your greatest friend in the butchery business. If you haven’t tried the Easy Pack range, now is the time.

Freshness and Taste Guaranteed

One kilogram of our Easy Pack sausage premix makes 20kg of sausages. All you need to add is the meat and the casings (available in our store or through your account manager).

Premium packaging maintains the freshness of the standardised 1kg pack.  The flavour is guaranteed as the all-natural ingredients and herbs are dried and sterilised.

“Australians love cooking reality shows. Consumers are more discerning than ever before, and appreciate good quality and freshness more than ever before,” said Neild & Co. spokesperson Neil Ayres.

“And if your ideas need a boost, you’ll find new flavours and ingredients from us that keep your customers on their culinary toes.

A Feast of Flavours

The range includes traditional winners as well more exotic flavours designed to delight your customers, putting international influences and modern cuisine well within their reach.

Chipotle – Originating in Southern USA, chipotle is delicious combination of Mexican jalapenos smoked to perfection in the tradition brought by German settlers. A subtle, spicy sausage perfect for BBQs.

Ginger, Lime and Chilli – A delicious fusion of the flavours of Thailand, a sweet and fruity blend of ginger, lime and a hint of chilli.

Curry Coconut – A mild curry sausage inspired by traditional Malaysian curries, drawing upon the lighter sweet spice influences and balanced with the aromatic flavour of the coconut.

100% Gluten-Free

The gluten-free market has grown considerably and is set to further expand over the next few years.  Our Easy Pack sausage pre-mix is now guaranteed 100% gluten-free, providing assurance to your customers and making these sausages an easy alternative to other meal options.

Easy Pack sausage premix is more than just a simple way to produce excellent sausages. It’s a valuable tool, equipping you to deliver consistently high quality in this essential part of your business while achieving the highest profitability.

And it’s a tool to bring customers back time and time again, which puts smiles on everyone’s faces!

Just ask Josh Ball from L-Bo Butchery in Kempsey, who uses a variety of flavours from our Easy Pack range.

“My favourites are Spanish Chorizo, Italian Casalinga, Cabana and Kransky. I use these to make not only fresh sausages but also smoked sausages”, he said.

Josh puts his own spin on things by adding dried herbs such as chilli which you can find in our online shop.

“The Easy Pack is great to work with and the flavours are top notch – they are the best flavours across any of the sausage meals out there.”