Butcher’s Benefit From Consumer Demand For Convenience

We are in the age of convenience. Every industry and product is trying to fill a consumer need by making some part of our everyday lives easier and simpler.

The commercial meat industry is no exception. In Australia, we have seen a dramatic rise in premade and prepackaged meals that offer the whole deal. From meals with a great cut of meat and some precooked vegetables, to pasta made with fresh meat, even lasagna, butcheries are adapting to their consumers busy lifestyle and offering them quick, delicious and wholesome options.

Eating ‘on the go packs’ solve many problems for busy consumers who still want a delicious meal. Their meals are often more nutritious and take less time and effort to cook than making a normal home cooked meal. This means that consumers are able to get the right balance of protein, carbohydrates, vegetables and nutrients from meals, without having to think about it. The pre packed meals also help with portioning. We’ve seen a notable shift in butcher’s adapting this offering for their customers, and with the likes of the Neild & Co Grange Sealer, CPET Trays and Lidding Film, the speed and convenience of doing so has never been easier.

The reality is, Australians are changing the way they eat. A study conducted by the Australian Institute of Personal Trainers highlighted that between 2012 and 2016, the number of food and drink products hitting the shelves that claim to be able to be consumed “on the go” increased by 55%. This further highlights the need for people to have healthy, pre packed meal choices at the ready, from their favourite grocer or butcher.

The overall appeal of ready meals ultimately rests on the convenience being offered, however as appetites change, there is a huge pressure on companies to ensure their ready meals look amazing, taste great, and have nutritional value. This is a big tick for butcher’s meals, as everything is prepared fresh, so it offers a more premium product and experience for their consumers, rather than their frozen meal competitors the public have come to know.

Some butchers are beginning to offer customised ready to go meals, where regular consumers are able to choose how their meals are made and customise their ingredients. Consumer behaviours are changing, and the meat industry is no exception, so those butcher’s who choose to recognise this and offer ready made meal options are the ones who will benefit the most.