6 Ways a Butcher can Reduce their Environmental Impact

Consumers now seek environmentally conscious packaging as much they seek quality food. How is your business adapting to this?

Whether you’re working with red meat, seafood, poultry, fast food, fruit or vegetables, or all of the above – the way you wrap up your food has a huge impact on the level of quality that ends up on people’s plates. But have you ever stopped to consider how any plastic packaging you use may have a negative impact on the quality of our planet? Great, now is the perfect time to have a think about it!

As a butcher or food industry professional, it’s probably a top priority to store your products in a smart, hygienic, and affordable way. Plus, sustainable food packaging is now often at the forefront of your customers’ minds. They want to buy products wrapped in environmentally conscious material and it’s quickly becoming just as important as the food wrapped within it!

Here’s a collection of simple, environmentally-friendly packaging options you have at your disposal. Anyone of these can lead to a reduction in landfill and a rise in respect from your customers…

  1. Liquid Lock Packaging
    Revolutionary new “honeycomb” design by iKONpack, available in various sizes without the need for a soaker pad. It’s 100% recyclable, durable, lightweight and practical with machine or hand wrapping.
  2. Sugarcane Packaging
    Also from our supplier iKONpack, is EcoCane: 100% compostable range of packaging created from sugarcane. Amazingly, it’s freezer safe, grease-resistant, microwave-friendly and longer-lasting than paper food packaging options. Our online shop offers various sized plates, clamshell burger packages, fast food hinged boxes, and bowls.
  3. Try Themed Paper Bags
    Such an easy change to implement in your business! This alternative to plastic bags is ideal for offering customers purchasing dry goods, with bags available in various sizes. You can even stamp each paper bag with your logo and contact details for some affordable and authentic-looking branding.
  4. Plastic Bag Alternatives
    The war on single-use plastic is serious, but it doesn’t mean your packaging needs to be. Try this biodegradable alternative bag which proudly declares ‘This is NOT a plastic bag’ and even thanks you for caring. This sends a strong message to your customers and community that you are not handing out plastic bags willy nilly.
  5. Recyclable Aluminium Foil
    Did you know that aluminum foil is recyclable in most cases? Around 20,000 tonnes of aluminum foil packaging is thrown out in the UK alone each year (this would stretch to the moon and back again!). In Australia, you can purchase recyclable foil (we sell this!) or send your relatively clean aluminum waste to the recycling bin in one large ball rather than loose straps that can get caught in recycling machinery.
  6. Contact our friendly team
    If you want to offer sustainable packaging but not sure where to start, Neild&Co are happy to provide you with personalised advice.

With a rising international focus on using biodegradable packaging, it’s more important today than ever to review what you’re using in your business and make practical changes. Not only will this give your customers a positive impression of how you run a conscious food business, but it will mean less plastic in our landfill, forests, oceans, and animals.

Small, local efforts by community foodservice professionals can combine to make a big difference!

For advice on our sustainable packaging options – simply have a chat with us.